Embrace group coaching series (group 2)-- starts March 23rd, 2020. Limited Spots!


 I want to share with you the lessons I've learned to feel confident in my own skin, embracing fails, why coaching actually works, and how to overcome the thought of needing to "escape" from reality. 👏YOU👏 CAN👏 HAVE👏 IT👏 ALL! 

Join a tribe where you can dive deep into the nitty-gritty of creating confidence, better habits and a life you don't have to "escape" from. "Back to reality!" you might be thinking. Sound familiar? 

A bit about me— I started LyfeSynk (website coming soon) because I want others feel how I felt the moment I realized I needed to get out of my own way. I started working with my coach (Aubree, you rock!) when I was honestly ready to just accept the fact that "I'm a lunatic", "I don't deserve to be loved" and  "I'll just be the ugly girl in the corner."


Ladies, during all of this I HAD A BOYFRIEND! I neglected to see how much he loved me and how beautiful he thought I was. Also, he's a guy (No, I'm not a man hater) and oblivious to certain things that would unintentionally trigger me. I was stuck in the past allowing my feelings, feelings of the past, to TAKE OVER MY HEAD AND LIFE!

Working with a coach literally saved my relationship not only with my wonderfully supportive boyfriend but most importantly with MYSELF! It didn't honestly matter what he said to me, like, ever. What I now know, IT ONLY MATTERS WHAT I SAY TO MYSELF. Everything else fell into place because I WORKED MY ASS OFF TO GET THERE! I didn't have the $ for a coach. I am nurse with student debt up to my eyeballs picking up overtime so I could afford a gym membership. Somehow, I figured it out. I picked up that extra shift a month because in the first 20 mins of talking with Aubree, I knew she was my fairy godmother and my last ditch effort to feel like "me" again. 

I soooo wish there could be some magic pill that would take the pain away, make us feel more confident and be able to start with a clean slate. A pill that makes us unlearn all the bad habits we've developed over the years. One that won't allow us to believe we aren't good enough for a partner, job, or self care.  I wish there was a pill that makes us feel as if we were literally Superwomen, but it DOESN'T EXIST! 

So, here we are. This is why, as a nurse, I have decided to leave nursing. Instead, I utilized my BSN and got board certified in Health & Wellness Coaching!  WHOOP WHOOP! I want to be YOUR fairy godmother💖.